CHALLENGE: Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men. Yet 62% of those who are most at risk don’t know how to check themselves.

IDEA:​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​To get guys in the habit of regularly checking their balls, each time they check on their Non-Fungible Testicles, it unlocks a surprise bonus trait—like a mohawk, sunglasses, a skateboard, etc.—with 8,000 unique combinations. Each NFT was created by iconic streetwear designer, MISHKA NYC, and proceeds help support Movember’s work in men’s health and testicular cancer research.


HOW IT WORKS: Keep up the monthly routine and keep getting rewarded. But take your eye off the ball, and your Non-Fungible Testicles lose their rare and valuable traits.

SOCIAL: From posts to polls, carousels and stories, our balls were seen daily on multiple media channels, bringing information on health and the NFT game, of course!

DISCORD: A space dedicated to our ballsy community where people can get early access to our game news, fun emoji packs, and more. Join!

SCORES: All players get monthly reminders of their NFT balls via email and other channels. It's important for them to do regular check-ups to keep their traits and be healthy in real life.


Director of Global Innovations: DAN COOPER Global Innovation Manager: TOM D'SOUZA Innovation Coordinator: TOMASZ POZNIAK PR Manager: BRIONY FITZGERALD

President: GREG RIVERA Illustrator: MIKE JONES

Global Chief Creative Officer: RONALD NG Chief Creative Officer: HARSH KAPADIA Executive Creative Director: JESSE POTACK Group Creative Director: SASCHA PILTZ Head of Design: RONNIE TING Cultural Anthropologist: JEFF CARVAHLO Senior UX Designer: COURTNEY POZZI Senior Designers: KESLEY BASSINI + SERGIO JARA Senior Art Director: VIC PARIZZOTTO Senior Copywriter: COLLEN BRACH Copywriter: YASHASHREE SAMANT Associate Director Technology: DAVID MAIETTA Senior Developer: VICTOR TAFRO VP Director of Art Production: RACHEL MAX Senior Digital Producer: CYNTHIA LIN Senior Producer: SAM MILGRIM Associate Director of Strategy: BEN DAYTON Group Account Director: TINA BRAUN Management Supervisor: ANDREW BRYSON Chief Financial Officer: NOLAN GRUMLEY

Edit House: VERSUS
Creative Director: JUSTIN BARNES Executive Producer: ROB MEYERS Producer: STEVEN LAMBIASE Animators: DOUG ESCAMILHA + TIM MCKEE

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