Our Goal:
Reinforce Enhance positioning as a key component to Spotify listener’s beloved playlist by explaining how they can easily add songs to new playlists and/or updating existing ones with new personalized recommendations.

The 2020 we have been stuck at home and people have undoubtedly leaned into music to get through it. Some of us probably listened to the same songs/artists on repeat, further reinforcing the idea of being stuck in a bubble. With the addition of the enhance feature we’ll break this loop and show all the great music suggestions Spotify can provide.

Lets educate listeners by using key UI moments coupled dynamic visuals that will bring the new Enhance feature to life. Here, we focused on one singular user’s journey as they navigate through the new feature. 

Agency: Bokeh
CEO: David Bates
ECD: Doug Smith 
ACD: Asif Haque
Art direction: Sergio Jara
Motion Graphics: Tomasz Wysocki 
Integrated Producer: Anna Bouma
Spotify Global Product Marketing Lead: Gil Almeida
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