There is a general rule veterinarians always tell to first time puppy owners in Colombia:

“You can´t take them out to do their needs in the park for the first 90 days, because they might get a virus”.

That means that during this time your house is now their personal bathroom
and in Colombia we use newspaper sheets as a solution.

We created an eco-friendly 90 day calendar made of newspaper. 90 unique designs made with silk screen. Each sheet of newspaper has a useful tip to help inexperienced dog owners to take better care of their dog and can be used as the dog's bathroom.

Agency: Sancho BBDO
Client: Dogourmet

VP Creatives: Hugo Corredor + Giovanni Martínez
Total Work Creative Director: Daniel Álvarez
Creative Directors: Julián Lozano + Salomón Nassiff

Copywriter: Javier Suárez
Art Director: Sergio Jara

Illustrators:  Sergio Jara, Julián Lozano,
Juan Pardo, Carolina Montes, Andrés Roman, Fredy Gómez, Diego López, Marcela Mera,
Yenssy González, Tatiana Rico, Daniela Padilla, Andrés Guarnizo, Oscar Rodríguez, Ricardo Espitia.

Silkscreen: Uno Estudio
Daniel Sánchez + Mauricio Muñoz.

Production: Demente
Director: Adrian Suárez
Executive Producer: Diego Soto
Dp: José Chica
Motion Graphics: Miguel Pérez

Veterinarian: Nancy Alarcón
Dogs: Cafú, Nube, Batman, Martina, Africa.
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